Yuzu White Chocolate
Yuzu White Chocolate

Yuzu White Chocolate

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We fell in love with Yuzu while on a recent trip to Japan and figured out a way to share the experience with you! Using candied yuzu and yuzu juice, we've infused our Tanzania White Chocolate with this unique tangy citrus flavor.

Located in the far south of Tanzania, the fermentary purchases cacao from farmers in the Kilombero Valley at a premium to encourage quality over quantity. With no access to electricity or paved roads, Kokoa Kamili faces challenges every year, but we feel the effort is worth it!

For the first time, we are using Kokoa Kamili cocoa butter to create a white chocolate unlike any you have had before. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Kokoa Kamili Cocoa Butter, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Organic Milk Powder, yuzu juice powder, yuzu

Allergen information: Contains milk

Kosher information: Kosher Dairy

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