Nutrition Panel Information

Why don’t our bars have nutrition panel information? 

The FDA allows for exemptions to nutrition panels as a Small Business Nutrition Labeling Exemption (SBNLE) which must be renewed every year. We are exempt as a small business, and the number of employees and number of bars we sell each year is far below the requirements for a company’s nutrition panel requirements. Testing for nutrition panel information is very costly and would have to be done for every origin and flavor bar we make, and it’s simply not realistic given our small financial footprint.

Due to budget constraints, and the fact that every batch of chocolate we make, we may make slight tweaks to the amount of nibs or cocoa butter, or the roast or other considerations such as harvest differences (amounts of cocoa butter fluctuate for example), the panel information would have to be redone with each batch, though admittedly the values would most likely not change much from the baseline. But we take the position that we’d rather be accurate than inaccurate.

We hope that at some point in the future as we grow, we will be able to provide nutrition panels on our packaging.

Thanks for supporting small businesses like ours!

--David and Corey Menkes