Mission Statement

Direct Trade

LetterPress Chocolate was founded with the purpose of paying cocoa farmers a fair rate for their incredibly hard work. You may be familiar with Fair Trade, but this model doesn't give the farmers enough income in our opinion. We prefer a Direct Trade route, working with partners such as Uncommon Cacao, Meridian Cacao, and sometimes we air freight directly from the farms. We pay twice the going rate for our cacao beans at a minimum, and in many cases four times or more! We're always willing to pay more for the best quality.

Quality above quantity.

On the inside flap of every bar we sell, we print our favorite quote from Benjamin Franklin: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

We remain dedicated to crafting the best chocolate we possibly can, constantly working to improve our processes and innovate. To that end, we never rush product out the door. In many cases, your favorite items may be out of stock - we try to keep up, but our philosophy is that we will only sell our chocolate once it's ready, and not before. Our production times may be longer than many other companies, but we take the time to carefully craft every batch.

We use as few ingredients as possible.

We never use soy lecithin and never will. Our dedication to the cacao we work with means that we want you to taste the cacao, not anything to cover it up. We mainly use cacao beans and unrefined cane sugar, and sometimes cocoa butter  in small amounts for texture. Cacao beans have different amounts of cocoa butter in them naturally, depending on the varietal and the time of year they're harvested. So we balance out those inconsistencies for a smooth experience every time.