Allergen Information

On the back of every bar, we have a line that reads:

Processed in a facility that also processes nuts & dairy.

To clarify, any equipment that comes into contact with dairy is kept separate from equipment we use to make our dark chocolate. We use separate grinders and even separate molds depending whether we're using dairy. We follow strict FDA and Los Angeles Department of Heath guidelines in addition to KosherLA's requirements to keep utensils and equipment separate.

With regard to nuts, we have not yet made any products with nuts, though we are planning on potentially offering products with nuts in the future. For that reason, we include nuts as a potential allergen on all our products.

Soy Allergies - we do not use any soy products whatsoever. This includes any lecithins.

Sugar - we use Native Sugar from Brazil which is certified organic and vegan (Kosher Parve). No animal products used in the manufacturing process of sugar.

In summary:

Dark Chocolate Bars - no contact with dairy or nuts but made in the same building as our white chocolate

White Chocolate Bars - made with separate equipment but in the same building

We do not use soy lecithin. 

Our sugar is free from animal-products and vegan.

Our cocoa butter is organic and fair-trade certified.